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On June 19, 2023, the 54th Paris Air Show is grandly opened. China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation make its appearance again at the Paris Air Show with a number of aerospace products.

At this air show, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation mainly exhibited Long March 2C, Long March 2D, Long March 3B, Long March 4B, Long March 5, Long March 6, Long March 7, Long March 8, Long March 11 and other carrier rockets, as well as Dongfanghong-3E communication satellite, APSTAR-6D communication satellite, Lutan-1 satellite, China Space Station, lunar probe, Mars probe and other models. At the same time, the products and applications of communication satellites and remote sensing satellites, as well as China's developments in beidou navigation, manned spaceflight, lunar exploration project, deep space exploration and other fields were introduced through videos and display boards.

The Long March series rocket has a complete spectrum of types, with 15 models in service, capable of launching different types of satellites and manned spacecraft in low, medium, and high Earth orbits, as well as unmanned deep space exploration capabilities. As of June 15, 2023, the Long March series carrier rockets have completed 476 launches, with an active rocket launch success rate of over 97.76%. Currently, the Long March rockets have successfully launched 133 consecutive times, and more than 60 launch missions have been planned for 2023.

The APSTAR-6D communication satellite model was exhibited for the first time at an international air show. APSTAR-6D communication satellite is a communication satellite provided by China Great Wall Industry Corporation to APT Mobile SatCom Limited. It was successfully launched by the Long March 3B at Xichang Satellite Launch Center on July 9, 2020, and was the first satellite of China's first Ku band global high-through satellite communication system, using China's independently developed Dongfanghong-4 Enhanced Satellite Platform (DFH-4E platform), with a launch weight of approximately 5550 kilograms and an in-orbit service life of 15 years. The satellite takes China as the core and faces the Asia Pacific region, forming a full field coverage from the East Indian Ocean to the West Pacific Ocean. It meets the various application needs of users in the Asia Pacific region, including maritime communication, aviation onboard communication, land onboard communication, and fixed satellite broadband internet access. The Satellite has also provided broadband communication service support for major national missions such as the Shenzhou spacecraft, playing an important role in commercial communication, emergency communication, and public communication, effectively promoting social progress and economic development in the service area.

Founded in 1909 and held every two years, Paris Air Show is one of the largest and most prestigious international aerospace exhibitions in the world.