DFH-4 BUS -- Communications Satellite

In-Orbit Delivery


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In April 1970, China's first satellite was successfully launched into the pre-defined orbit. Since then China has developed more communications satellites. Up to now, Dongfanghong series of geo-synchronous orbit communications satellites has been successfully developed, namely DFH-2, DFH-2A, DFH-3 and DFH-4. DFH-2 and DFH-2A are spin-stabilized satellites, and DFH-3 and DFH-4 are 3-axis stabilized satellites.

DFH-4 Bus Profile

DFH-4 is the third generation communications satellite bus in China with high power, strong payload capacity and extended service life. It consists of propulsion module, service modules and solar arrays.

Technical Specifications

Technical parameters of the DFH series:

  DFH-3 DFH-4
Dimensions 2200mm×1720mm×2000mm 2360mm×2100mm×3600mm
Satellite Lift-off Mass (kg) 2,320 5,200
Orbit Type GEO and other orbits GEO and other orbits
Solar Array Power(kw) 1.7 (EOL) 10.5 (EOL)
Payload Power (kw) 1 8
Band of Transponders C/Ku C / Ku / Ka /L
Stabilization Mode 3-axis 3-axis
Station Keeping Precision ±0.1°(3σ) west/east ±0.05°(3σ)
north/south ±0.05°(3σ)
Antenna Pointing Precision Pitch, Roll≤0.15°(3σ)
Service Life Time (year) >8 15


DFH-4 bus is applicable to high capacity communications satellite, direct broadcasting satellite and regional mobile communications satellite, etc.

Current Status

As of December 31, 2013, CGWIC has successfully delivered five communications satellites in orbit to its international customers respectively, namely NigcomSat-1, VeneSat-1, PakSat-1R and NigcomSat-1R and TKSAT-1.

Currently, other four DFH-4 satellites are under construction for international customers.