Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center

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Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center

Established in 1958, Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center (JSLC) is China's earliest launch site with state-of-the-art satellite launch facilities.

JSLC is mainly used to launch scientific and recoverable satellite missions with medium, low earth orbit and high inclinations. JSLC successfully launched the China's first satellite DFH-1 onboard an LM-1 launch vehicle in 1970. The center successfully completed its first international mission in October 1992, when, using an LM-2C launch vehicle, the Swedish Space Corporation's Freja scientific satellite was successfully piggybacked with a Chinese recoverable satellite into pre-defined orbit.

JSLC is situated in Jiuquan, northwestern Gansu province. The coordinates of the launch site are 100°E, and 41°N, and it stands at an altitude of about 1000m above sea level.

Jiuquan is of an inland, arid desert climate. It is dry all the year round with little rain and extended daylight hours, with an annual average temperature of 8.5°C and relative humidity of 35-55%, ideal environmental conditions for satellite launches.

A dedicated branch railway line connects JSLC with the national Lanzhou-Urumqi Railway, providing a direct link to the Technical Center and Launch Area.

Dingxin Airport is located 75 km south of the center, and has a 4100m x 80m runway, which can easily accommodate large aircraft such as the Lockheed C-130 and Boeing 747.